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10 Tips For Resisting Dating a Co-Worker When You’re Married

When two people begin their life together as a married couple, no one can predict what will happen. Of course, at that certain point, all the couple wishes to have is a happy family life. The last thing that would enter their minds is a marriage that will end up falling apart. There are a […]

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Shows: My Top 3 TV Shows This Year

I am a great big fan of reality television shows, may be it is because they are usually filled with lots of drama – no one gives you a script to follow, you get to pretty much say what you want to say without the worry of finding out if you missed a line. There […]

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What do Women really care about?

You’d think that a fancy car and a fat wallet is what women really want. You could not be more wrong. Although, it is attractive to be financially dependent, it is not the only thing. You need to understand that women are much more complex than men. They do not want you to pay for […]

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Dealing with a death in the family

Though we know that death is inevitable, when a member of the family dies we plunge into grief. The pain of a departure for ever is certainly severe. Words of consolation from others may have some soothing effect. Still, memories of the past keeps on making us feel uncomfortable. However, the fact is that one […]

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Cars: Differences between leasing and buying

If you are shopping for a car, you may have a lot of ideas about the brand, model and color. In addition, you should also consider the way you make payment for the car. You can take a loan, but it requires you to pay $600 per month. However, the same model vehicle can be […]

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iPad: 3 must have financial apps

One of the best ways in which you can keep track of your finances, whether at home or for your business is to use a mobile application. This is very beneficial else you’ll be stuck trying to file those receipts which are most likely going to get lost. Good thing is there are several financial […]

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