iPad: 3 must have financial apps

One of the best ways in which you can keep track of your finances, whether at home or for your business is to use a mobile application. This is very beneficial else you’ll be stuck trying to file those receipts which are most likely going to get lost. Good thing is there are several financial apps available on the iTunes App Store. With these apps, you can carry out an array of financial activities that range from replacing your traditional checkbook to enabling you keep track of every dime you spend. A good number of these can be downloaded for free, but some will cost you a bit. Below are 3 top financial apps to get or your iPad.

Checkbook HD

Checkbook HD is certainly one app to get, and it lives to its name. This app is the equivalence of your checkbook register which handles OFX imports that is if you are already making use of a compatible app. It’s quite easy to use and all you’ll need to do is create an account and move on from there.

There are tabs on the right end of the screen, and these move you from the basic register to periodic transactions whilst pie charts and line graphs help keep track on your money. There are icons below that help you set up a PIN code in order to secure your data. You can set up HTML or CSV exports via email or Wi-Fi, then access the application’s help file, synchronize it with other iOS devices. You can use this app on both iPhone and iPad, but it will cost you 99c.

Checkbook HD. iOS Universal

Checkbook HD. iOS Universal


Expensify is the ideal gadget for corporate veterans. Upon signing up and creating a free account you will enter your credit card information and have Expensify download all your credit expenses. These can then be the categorized, and for each transaction worth over $75 you’ll get an e-receipt. With an iPad you can even take photos of your paper receipts from each transaction. You can go through and select your relevant transactions that is if you want to create a report. The app will do everything for you. Upon completion you can choose to email a detailed report with your spending and expenditure summary to any recipient.

The Best Financial iPhone Apps

The Best Financial iPhone Apps


This app was specifically designed and developed to help you keep track of all your money. This means that you get to keep track by knowing where your money is going so as to ensure that your budget is always on check. You can tap to enter your expense, bills, accounts, budget, reports, payees and search, and the app will do it all for you. This app will cost you $2.99


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